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Tara & Sam - REAL WEDDING - Celeste

Tara and Sam tied the knot after 5 beautiful years together in an intimate ceremony that was splendidly styled. A change of location due to poor weather didn't affect these two celebrating in style, and their day came together beautifully, with fine attention to all those carefully prepared details.

Photos by Jacob Jennings Photography

When did you know Sam was the ONE?

The weekend we met, he left my place and I was on the phone to my best friend and I told her I’m going to marry that one

Tell us how Sam proposed - We love a good ring story!

I had booked up a romantic room package in Adelaide for his birthday and I told him about it.

So when we arrive I’ve gone to check in and I looked out and he’s rooting around in the boot and I couldn’t understand why. Once we were all checked in I went and parked the car and he took the luggage up.

He waited for me in the lobby once he brought the trolley down and we went up together but he kept walking behind me (very strange he’s normally 10 steps ahead) he opens the door and on the bed is a heart in rose petals and the ring in the middle. I immediately start crying and he gets down on one knee and asks if I will marry him, I was nodding because I couldn’t get the words out, he waits until I verbally say yes, he gives me the ring box and walks off to the food. He was so stressed about the whole thing he forgot what to do.

When you first started wedding planning, what where 3 of the most important things to you both about your wedding day?

  • Honouring his mum (she passed from breast cancer when he was 9)

  • Keeping it intimate, we had 20 guests

  • Good food, good drinks, good company

Where did you choose to get married?

Ceremony- The Macs Hotel

Reception- The Barn

How did you pick your venue?

It was between two and The Barn was able to give us a ceremony location and reception venue but because of typical Mount Gambier weather we had to change our ceremony to an indoor venue

What Vendors did you use and who did you