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Sara & Shannon - VOW RENEWAL - Midnight Aurora

Sara and Shannon decided hold a vow renewal and recommit to each other in a beautiful service, totally personal to themselves and their 3 beautiful children. Sara absolutely rocked our Midnight Aurora gown! This intimate and beautiful service is a great example of how a vow renewal can be the opportunity to reimagine your wedding day in such a unique way.

How long have you known each other? And how did Shannon propose originally?

18 years! Shannon and I had organised a lunch for our parents to officially meet. He proposed right in the middle!

When did you know he was the one you would spend the rest of your life with?

I can’t pick just one moment, it was all the little “things” that he did that just made me realise one day that he may just be the one to stay.

When you first started planning your renewal, what where the most important things to you both about the day?

This being our vow renewal on our 6th wedding anniversary, it was really important to us that it was all the things WE wanted. Our original wedding we really just did things to make others happy or what we thought was the “right” thing to do. It was important to us that it was very family oriented, with our 3 young children.

We had a small ceremony with just 7 guests. We just had our children in our bridal party. My daughter was flower girl and my boys walked me down the aisle We renewed our vows in my dad’s backyard, we picked my dad’s house because it was where our story started

What vendor did you spend the most time researching and trying to decide on?

Photographer! Our original wedding we were incredibly disappointed with our photos, so it was very important for us to have quality photos this time around

What is a unique way you personalised your special day?

Shannon, our 3 kids and I all wore converses! Very us!

When you look back on your day, what is your most favourite memory?

Our toddler running around yelling the entire ceremony haha! It sounds like a nightmare but it just made it so much more us Party all night or did you sneak off with your loved one early in the night?

Partied BIG!

What is something unique you did in your ceremony?

A minute silence for my pop who had passed recently

Looking back, how would you describe the atmosphere of your wedding day?

Fun! So so much fun!

Did you love your gown? How did it make you feel wearing your DMB dress?

Absolutely! I felt amazing wearing it! I couldn’t believe how well it fit, just from the rough measurements I gave when ordering. I was so easy to wear, so comfortable! I was even able to drive in it and pick up 20 pizzas lol


Rebecca Churchill (Celebrant)

Morgan Parremore Photography

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