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Real Wedding - Mikayla ❤ Adam - Celeste Design

Intimate, Natural, & Boho ❤

National Parks, Adventure Day & Pikachu ...The elopement of our dreams!

Mikayla & Adam tied the knot in this gorgeous adventure elopement spanning across two days in the beautiful Grand Teton & Yellowstone National parks featuring our Celeste gown.


After two wonderful years together, Mikayla and Adam committed their vows together in a wonderful 2 day adventure on Oct 2, 2021. Read all about their special day (s) below and see how Mikayla styled her Celeste gown.

When did you know Adam was the ONE?

Adam knew within the first month of us talking, I knew probably 2 months in after we decided to get promise rings. It was as if something clicked in my mind and I knew he was the one!

Tell us howAdam partner proposed - We love a good ring story!

We decided to go on a vacation for our one year anniversary to Yosemite National Park. Adam grew up there and we thought it would be a fun way to celebrate since we started dating during a trip to Yellowstone National Park. He took us up to an incredible view point overlooking Glacier Point and Halfdome. A girl asked if we could take her photo and afterwards Adam asked if she could take ours. To both my and her surprise he popped the question! It was absolutely beautiful and we’re so thankful to have gotten photos and video of the special moment.

When you first started wedding planning, what where the most important things to you both about your wedding day?

We HATE crowds and we felt super awkward having to walk down an isle so we wanted something small and intimate. We decided to do a small elopement with just our parents. We also wanted a private vow ceremony for just the two of us.

Like I said we hate crowds and we wanted to keep a special moment to our selves. We also decided having a photographer and videographer was a MUST have. Since we weren’t having a big wedding we decided to have an Adventure Day after our wedding to film and shoot some magical photos. We wanted to have some amazing moments captured and having a second day to dress up and celebrate was incredible.