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Tegan & Caleb - REAL WEDDING - Aurora

Tegan & Caleb tied the knot after 5 and a half wonderful years together on Sep 18, 2021.
Photography by Rolling Portraits

Tegan looked like an absolute vision in our Aurora gown in the off shoulder neckline.

Read on to hear about how this beautiful couple pulled off a gorgeous North QLD wedding against all odds with lockdowns and border closures - styling their gorgeous day with beautiful warm colour tones, a family heirloom ring and a very very special celebrant!

How did you know Caleb was the ONE?

There wasn't really a moment in time where it was that thought. From the very beginning of our relationship we just had a spark and it's still happening to this very day.

How did he propose? We all love a good ring story!

We went and had dinner at a local restaurant, followed by an exhibition in some nearby gardens. After strolling through the exhibition we went to our local beach and hung out under a gazebo. After some dancing and falling he got down on his knee and popped the question. The ring in question was my Nana's engagement ring from 40 years ago. They planned together to use that ring.

When planning, what where 3 of the most important things to you both about your wedding day?

Family, getting married and enjoying ourselves.

Where did you choose to get married? Did Covid affect your planning?

We were originally meant to get married at Seclusions in the Blue Mountains NSW, however with the spike of Covid cases we called off the wedding. We ended up just changing our plans altogether, it's was hard with the borders and case numbers etc.

My advice to other brides in a similar situation is to breathe. I wish I spent more time planning any taking it slow, instead I rushed a lot of decisions and it was noticeable on the day,

The original venue we found a picture on Instagram and instantly fell in love and they were amazing to work with. For our venue on the day a friend offered for us to use her property in Townsville QLD as most place were booked out with such little notice.

What vendors did you spend the most time researching and trying to decide on?

Photography and seating decor set up. We had a lot of recommendations flood us when we said we where changing our plans but these 2 companies just stood out the most and were so accommodating for the dates and what we wanted for our day.

How did you pick and style your bridal party?

My new sister in law was going to be my maid of honour and some friends from home. But some of them couldn't attend due to Covid and being overseas, so instead I had my 2 best friends from Townsville be my bridal party. Caleb had his brothers and best mate the whole time which was lovely.

I chose for a burnt orange/terracotta colour scheme. The girls could choose whatever dress they wanted as long as it was those colours. I wanted them to feel relaxed in what they were wearing.

What is a unique way you personalised your special day?

Having Caleb's dad as our celebrant. It was wonderful to have a family member join us together in marriage.

Where did you find your styling inspiration?

All of my inspiration came from Instagram, Pinterest and the venue's previous weddings. Some DIY's we did was our own photo guest book and it made it feel so personal by just using a photo book from spotlight and some letter stamps I made exactly what I wanted with the rustic feeling without spending and arm and a leg, and it only took 10 minutes to make. Also our own wedding favours which were tins of tea. Additionally I made our invitations on Canva

If you had the chance to give one piece of advice to a fellow bride what would it be?

Take the time to soak it all in and enjoy the planning stages.

I would describe our wedding planning journey in 3 words - Stressful



Did any vendors go above and beyond to make your day perfect?

Townsville Picnic Co - She did an amazing job with the wedding set up, I couldn't thank her enough.

Rolling Portraits Photography - They were amazing and so quick with the photos and they are all so beautiful.

Did you find it difficult to bring your wedding under budget?

Yes. After spending sooooo much money on our original wedding we lost a lot of money, so trying to organise a second wedding with only a very small budget was super difficult.

I know we hate talking money, but to help other brides - what was your total budget for your special day and did you go over or under this amount?

We budgeted $ 20,000 for our original wedding idea. We spent close to $15,000 before all the Covid stuff happened and lost the majority of the money and then spent an additional $9,000 for our Townsville wedding.

Do you have any advice for other couples planning a wedding on a lower budget?

Don't be afraid to say 'no' or DIY. The wedding industry is massive and as soon as you say the word wedding I found so many places changed their prices, which I ended up turning them down or DIY'ed what I wanted.

Looking back, how would you describe the atmosphere of your wedding day and reception?

Relaxed. We had such a nice relaxing night. We had a lounging picnic area and ate pizzas, fireplace going and some nice chill music. It was nice to not have a structured sit down dinner or anything like that it was just nice to hang our with our family and friends.

What brought you to our Desert Moon Bridal website first?

Tiktok. When DMB first started you came up on my FYP and I fell in love with the Aurora gown. Next thing I know I'm buying it, and the cost was sooo good for what I got. I'm 100 % glad I went with DMB