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Alana & Jamie - REAL WEDDING - Tumbleweed

Alana & Jamie have the sweetest meet-cute ever - they met through a prank call, and connected with their sense of humour and mutual love of Anchorman. 11 and half years later, these two gorgeous people tied the knot in a beautiful rustic styled elopement with their nearest and dearest and Alana looked sensational in her Tumbleweed gown. Read on to hear more about how they styled and planned their elopement at Goosewing Cottage in the Hunter Valley on Jul 26, 2022

Photography Credit: Adam from Cavanagh Photography

When did you know Jamie was the ONE?

Seeing him interact with my mum was the moment I realised I had found my forever person. My mum had a difficult life and struggled with addiction. When I would see him listening to her always so attentively and building a special bond with her it showed the kind of man he was and that he not only prioritised our relationship, but also his relationships with those I love. He also makes me laugh like no one else, Not just a giggle kind of laugh, it’s a snorting, hyena kind of laugh.

Tell us how Jamie proposed - We love a good ring story!

To explain the proposal we need to start at the beginning. We met through a prank phone call, I called a random number in my friend’s phone. We instantly clicked through our humour and our love of the movie Anchorman. When we finally decided to meet up after speaking all day every day for weeks we met up at a random beach half way between our houses. We both forgot which exact beach it was and before he proposed he spent his spare time searching for that beach. He found it and took our eldest son and I to that beach for a surprise date. He proposed soon after arriving right at sunset and it was even more special because our son was there with us jumping around all excited.

When you first started wedding planning, what where 3 of the most important things to you both about your wedding day?

We were engaged for nine years and when we thought about what was stopping us from wedding planning it was always money. Having that be a reason for delaying getting married seemed like such a small hurdle. We decided that planning a wedding that fit into a budget we could afford was the most important thing to us (especially having three kids) so we decided to elope with only 21 guests. The second most important thing was having a ceremony where we could both write our own vows and not have a time limit on them. The third thing was to have our elopement on a Tuesday but then our reception on the weekend to celebrate with those that couldn’t be at the ceremony due to numbers. We also enjoyed having the ceremony part out of the way so we could just relax on our wedding night and then be all rested and ready to party on the Saturday.

Where did you choose to get married?

We booked an elopement package with Goosewing Cottage in Mount View, NSW.