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Real Wedding - Serenity ❤ Jackson- Halley Design

A dreamy elopement with a celestial twist - sealed with a pinkie promise!

Glittery stars, puppies, mountain views, an epic wedding date (22.02.22!) thrift shop finds and sealing the vows with a pinkie promise, this wedding was a dream from start to finish.

Serenity & Jackson tied the knot at the scenic Tanbark Ridge, a mountain overlook in Asheville, North Carolina and then celebrated again surrounded by family and friends a week later in a beautiful backyard reception.


After four wonderful years together, Serenity and Jackson committed their vows together in an intimate elopement on 22.02.2022. Read all about their special day below and see how Serenity styled her Halley gown.

When did you know Jackson was the ONE?

After a day at work, he was on vacation with his family a few hours away from home. Him and his little siblings called to say it wasn't the same without me there. They had insisted I drive out to be with them. That's when I knew it wasn't just him that I was in relationship with but that I gained his family who I love and adore. That's when I knew he's the one.

Tell us how Jackson proposed - We love a good ring story!

He prepared an amazing dinner at home with all my favourites and ended the night with a proposal!

When you first started wedding planning, what where the most important things to you both about your wedding day?

The 3 things we were dead set on: 1. An amazing dress 2. A scenic location,

3. The dogs had to be invited!

Where did you choose to get married?

We got married at Tanbark ridge. It's a mountain overlook in Asheville, North Carolina.

What vendors did you use for your wedding?

We only hired a officiant and photographer. The location belongs to the state of North Carolina.

How did you pick your venue?

It has such a stunning view of the mountains!

Did you find it difficult to bring your wedding under budget?

We chose to elope because we wanted an intimate ceremony. Eloping significantly lowered the cost of the wedding since there was less to buy. Plus we mostly shopped locally, second hand or small business.

Do you have any advice for other couples planning a wedding on a lower budget?

We saved a lot of money by thrifting décor, using things we already had on hand, and by shopping small businesses.

When you look back on your day, what is your most favourite memory?

A moment before the ceremony started I stopped to soak in the moment and thought about how happy I was to have our closest friends, family, and our dogs with us on our special day. I wouldn't have done it any other way.

Party all night or did you sneak off early in the night?

Getting married is exhausting. We both passed out as soon as we got back to our Airbnb😂

What is something unique you did in your ceremony?

We pinkie promised at the end of our vows!!

How did you include Jackson in the planning?

Did he contribute to the nitty gritty stuff or leave the details up to you?

A week later we held our reception in our back yard so together we did lots of yard work leading up to the date.

How many people did you include in your wedding day and how did you style your bridal party?

We had 13 guests in total. My side of the bridal party was just my best friend, and since we had a small group I let all the lady's choose their colour and dress style.

Did you get any styling inspiration from online?

I saw a Tik Tok video of thrifted table décor and flowers alternating. So of course I hit up all my local thrift stores and made it happen!

What is something unique you did for your reception?

We had a back yard BBQ style reception. Complete with music, a campfire, and smores

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your entire wedding day?

After eloping we got pizza! I definitely recommend. It made the whole vibe way more relaxed and allowed us to connect with our guests. It was a blast

If you had the chance to give one piece of advice to a fellow bride what would it be?

Don't stress the small details the day of. Soak in every moment, you only get it once.

Looking back, how would you describe the atmosphere of your wedding day?

Fun and sunny!

How did you find Desert Moon Bridal?

Did you love your gown? How did it make you feel wearing Halley?

TikTok! Halley made me feel like a celestial princess, if that's a thing!

Did you have THE moment trying on your gown for the first time?


Is there anything else you'd like to share about your dress?

The glitter Halley shed I still find some when I'm cleaning so it's a funny little reminder of our wedding day!

Thanks for choosing our Halley gown Serenity and thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us ❤

You can find more about this beautiful day over on their photographers blog here

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